Giny Vos
Licht-Wegen, 2018

Courthouse Breda

My work Light-Wegen for the brand new courthouse in Breda is now in full operation. I would have loved to invite loads of people to its official opening, but that event unfortunately was only for the press. You can listen to an interview recorded during the opening for the local radio station here. (November 11, 2018 - Grensgeluiden 0:23:45 - 0:35:50)

In the entrance hall two large blocks hanging from a beam at the ceiling contain a chaos of tiny dots of light. Light as a cluster of moving particles, lighting up like a wave.

The blocks, moving up and down as if weighed in a balance, are each composed of over 8.000 LED cubes, all of which can be controlled individually. Within these blocks moving images appear, based on words to describe actions which are evaluated, or weighed, in court. The words chosen also suggest literal movement, while at the same time they have metaphorical or even emotional connotations: to leak, to part, to wring, etc. While you tend to think you understand what you’re seeing, there is a peculiar, elusive logic to the scenes produced.

Licht-Wegen is a technically unique and innovative work I was able to realise in collaboration with Yens & Yens and Bram Verhavert.

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Client: Rijksvastgoeddienst
Production: Yens & Yens
3D animation: Bram Verhavert
Art advisor: Esther Vonk en Gijs Frieling
Photography: Jannes Linders
Video: Adina Dragnea