Giny Vos
Light Phenomena

On November 4, my work Light Phenomena for the square of the Centre for International Light Art in Unna, Germany will be unveiled.

Hybrid Globe

In Amsterdam-West, close to the Sloterdijk station, a large, 1970’s office building has been renewed (“kissed back to life”) by de Architekten Cie. The most striking element of the building is a spectacular glass dome covering a 300-m2 atrium. Commissioned by the building’s principal tenant, APG Pensioenfonds, I made a work for this impressive atrium.

Light field

Defenitive design of Light Field finished. 

It will be a beacon in the beautiful landscape of 'het Reevediep' near Kampen that catches light and wind and scatters light particles around.


In my proposal for the artwork for Poort van het Vechtdal near Zwolle at the A28, the sun functions as the only light source. Drawing on the myth of the Phoenix, I’m aiming to address climate adaptation and renewable energy in a different, poetic way.


In 2023, on the façade of a new apartment block in Hoorn at the railroad not far from the train station, my work SOUL will be realised at last. Six light lines will form a frieze on the second floor, depicting the rhythms of daily life.

De twee Delta's

Commissioned by NWO/SIA I made a special version of the Deltapremie prize.