Giny Vos
Light field
Light field

Defenitive design of Light Field finished. 

It will be a beacon in the beautiful landscape of 'het Reevediep' near Kampen that catches light and wind and scatters light particles around.

Light Field consists of a twelve-metre wide leaf holding 250 small cubes. The leaf is mounted on twelve poles which are approximately 4 metres high. The upper and bottom sides of the cubes are open, and attached to the corners and the inside various shapes, covered with diachronic foils, reflect the daylight in a wide range of colours. The cubes are set in motion by the wind. The light is captured and reflected in such a way that it seems to come from actual light bulbs inside the cubes.

We are awaiting the approval of Staatbosbeheer, based on ecological investigation of the site..

The work will be realised with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, BPD Cultuurfonds, Kunstenlab Deveneter and the municipality of Kampen.