Giny Vos

In 2024, on the façade of a new apartment block in Hoorn at the railroad not far from the train station, my work SOUL will be realised at last. Six light lines will form a frieze on the second floor, depicting the rhythms of daily life.

The frieze is divided in segments of 2 metres each and has a total length of 50 metres, Abstracted figures stand around, stroll, run and drive by, meet each other, turn away, while from time to time a train passes through. The work starts off from the daily rhythms which are stimulated by the urban environment and which organise life in a comprehensible way. But you recognise your friends from afar by the way they move - now that is a rhythm with soul.

The work was commissioned by the housing corporation Intermaris en the municipality of Hoorn. The animations for the work were made in collaboration with Mila Baumann, and Yens & Yens will take care of the realisation.