Giny Vos
Endless Horizon
Endless Horizon

For the past year I have been working on Endless Horizon, a work for an overpass in Genk, Belgium, that will be revealed on 22 May 2024.

The work consists of a 'window' of 46 metres long and 48 cm high; it connects the Stalenstraat with the Stiemerbeek valley. The horizontal slit shows images of various recognisable and abstract landscapes and views from the environment of Genk, new perspectives balancing between reality and phantasmagoria. To create the images, I am collaborating with multimedia artist Cem Berendsen. Together with ecologist Jos Lycops, we are exploring the landscape.

Electricity for the work will be supplied almost entirely from solar panels, which will be installed in the cycle path just outside the overpass.

In collaboration with Yens & Yens, the City of Genk and Soltech.