Giny Vos
Work To Do
Work To Do, 1985

Marconiplein Rotterdam

The windows on the facades of the three Europoint tower blocks at Rotterdam’s Marconi square form the words WORK TO DO. The text appears as the lights inside a number of the offices are switched on while all the rest is switched off. While the night falls, the words become more and more distinguishable. They can be read from a very far distance because of the complex’s strategic location.

Dim. 3 tower blocks, 21 floors, plastic tarp, office lights

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Location: Marconiplein, Rotterdam
Production: Rob Jongbloed, John Vos, Maaike Klumper, Karin Ottenhoff, Hans de Jong, Miranda Naber, Ed Jongbloed, Jan van Dorp
Photography: Ton Sluyter
Special thanks to: P. Zegers
Support: Rotterdamse Kunststichting
Video in collection: NIMK; private collections