Giny Vos
What are words worth
What are words worth, 1999

Kunst en Bedrijf Calscollege IJsselstein

Ten thick dictionaries (“word books” is the literal Dutch translation) are shelved in the media library. Cast in aluminium with a relief of the original What Are Words Worth edition, they have integrated red Plexiglas LED displays which follow the curve of their spines. The books are carriers of the ALFABET, which rolls by in screen-filling capitals to stop at random at one of the letters. That letter turns into a word which turns into a series of associated words, in blocks of 8 lines. The chain of words is interrupted by announcements, confusions, poetry or other kinds of messages. A whole network of language unfolds, everything seems connected to everything. In this way, the work simulates the essential library experience in which connections are established and new knowledge is generated through the act of browsing.

Dim. 10 pieces of 8 x 29 x 23 cm each
Aluminium, LED displays, computer, Plexiglas

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Location: Cals College, IJsselstein
Client: Kunst en Bedrijf, Amsterdam
Architect: De Jong Gortemaker Algra architecten
Production: Mooie boeken, Bogart vof, Rob Jongbloed, Paul Jansen Klomp
Photography: Peter Cox