Giny Vos
Another red letter day
Another red letter day, 2000

Kunst en Bedrijf Scholengemeenschap Sprengeloo Apeldoorn

In eight different places on top of the school buildings’ facades geometric forms have been installed. Each form contains a PCD (printed circuit board) with LEDs. Three-letter words light up and fade out in a rhythmic sequence- short catchphrases, reacting to one another like instruments in an orchestra or exclamations in a theatre play. They rise like speech balloons above the buildings, as if from a thinking place. Every now and then a sentence runs over the eight objects, to keep you focussed.

Dim. Eight objects of 85 x 85 x 85 cm each
Green/transparent Perspex, PCDs LEDs and computer

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Location: Scholengemeenschap Sprengeloo, Apeldoorn
Client: Kunst en Bedrijf, Amsterdam
Architect: Groenschurink architekten
Production: Distab, Wientjes, Paul Jansen Klomp, Henk Wijnen, Rob Jongbloed
Restoration 2004: Hollander bv, Distab
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij