Giny Vos
Songlines of Daily Life
Songlines of Daily Life, 2021

Stockholm, Sweden

In late November, just before covid restrictions were tightened, we installed my work in Stockholm.

Songlines of Daily Life is a 32-meter aluminium arch stretching out over the grassy slope in the newly built neighbourhood Arsta, with moving light lines on both the front and the back sides.

In the work, a meticulously animated light choreography brings together various rhythms from around: city rhythms such as the different speeds of cars, trams, cyclists and pedestrians; but also circadian rhythms related to day and night, sleeping and waking, peaks and breaks; and bodily rhythms like breathing, heartbeat and blood circulation – not literally recorded but visualised and distorted in such a way that they bleed into one impression of the activity going on on the site. The slight curve of the arch refers to the horizon: the vanishing point at eye level that we use to fix our position, and where we merge with our surroundings.

The aluminium arch consists of 82 parts, and was cast in Westermalms metal foundry in Stockholm. The LED installation was produced by Yens & Yens and for the animation I collaborated with Bram Verhavert. The work was commissioned by AM Public and Stockholmshem.

As you can see in the photos, the site is still a building site. The official opening will take place in the spring of 2021.

Dim. 36 x 0.34 x 4.2 m
82 Poured alumnium parts, multicolor leds and computer

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Client: AM Public en Stockholmshem.
Production: Metaalgieterij Westermalms in Stockholm en Yens & Yens
Constructeur: Sören Lundgren Byggkonsult AB
Animation: Bram Verhavert
Art advisor: Ann Magnusson AM Public
Photography: Sanna Lindberg