Giny Vos
De 2 Delta's
De 2 Delta's, 2021

NWO/SIA-vestigingen in Den Haag en Utrecht

Commissioned by NWO/SIA I made a special version of the Deltapremie prize. The Deltapremie is a large grant, introduced in 2019, for leading practice-based research in universities of applied sciences (HBO), awarded every two years to two lectors by Vereniging Hogescholen en SIA.

The prize I designed in 2019, the Delta, consists of three crystal-shaped elements, which represent the three cornerstones of applied science: teaching, research ad practice. When these are successfully placed together in the shape of a pyramid, the shape lights up

Since 2021, a public version of the Delta has been installed in the lobbies of the NWO/SIA locations in The Hague and Utrecht. At a table, employees and visitors are invited to try for themselves if they can put the chrystal shapes together and form the pyramid.

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In collaboration with Kieran Hinde, Yens & Yens and produced by OPS-Plastics and Sip Kloosterman, TWO-O, and Tobias Jansen.