Giny Vos
The things that dreams are made of
The things that dreams are made of, 1997

TIME, SPACE & ARCHITECTURE 2017 and Galerie Oele, Amsterdam

15 september – 27 oktober 2017

Amorphous forms and rows of LED displays form words on an unvarnished wooden table, chair and bookcase. Non-stop, but in a varying tempo, the words change as one letter replaces another. The changes take place associatively and are in poetic relationship to the black shapes. At unexpected moments this poetic and experimental state is disturbed by words such as ‘money’, ‘time’ or ‘love’ that move from right to left across the LED displays.

Dim 3 x 3 x 2 m
Wood, LED displays, computer

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Location: Galerie Oele, Amsterdam
Exhibition: ‘Giny Vos solo’
Production: Paul Jansen Klomp, Rob Jongbloed
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij