Giny Vos
Miracle in Between
Miracle in Between, 2008

Ramlila Ground, New Dehli

Miracle in Between was a temporary work on Ramlila Ground, a large open field between Old Delhi and New Delhi. Five hundred bamboo poles of various lengths were planted in a grid in the ground. On top of some of them light bulbs were attached. When lit, those dots formed a three-dimensional drawing of a boat. The light intensity of the lamps varied slightly, and made the boat look like it was rocking adrift. The work was part of the festival, with a.o. Subodh Gupta and Tomas Saraceno.

Dim. 21.5 x 19 x 5 m
500 bamboo poles, 180 light bulbs, DMX-mixer

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Location: Ramlila Ground, Delhi (IND)
Exhibition: ‘48°C Public Art Ecology’
Advisor/curator: Els Reijnders
Production: Bart-Jan Hooft, KHOJ International Artists Association, Niki Clerx
Photography: Bart-Jan Hooft
Support: Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam