Giny Vos
The Illuminated Room
The Illuminated Room, 2007

Limospark, Nijmegen

A construction of a building with only its frame remaining has been placed in Nijmegen’s Limos Park. At dusk, when the streetlights are switched on, a floating interior lights up. The construction is a remnant of the Officers’ Hotel that used to be located here, on what was a gated military base before the area was turned into a residential district. A corner of the hotel building was spared from being demolished. Its walls and floors were cut open and when the night falls a table and a chair appear and stick out on all sides from the interior. Inside and outside blend in this construction, which is open and closed, vacant and inhabited at the same time. It is a symbol for the disclosure of the terrain, and a reflection on ideas about private and public space.

Realised in collaboration Bart-Jan Hooft

Dim. 6,5 x 7 x 8,5 m
Bricks, concrete, steel and LEDs

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Location: Limos Park, Nijmegen
Client: City of Nijmegen
Advisor/curator: Erna aan de Stegge
Production: Bart-Jan Hooft, Van Mensvoort Veghel BV, JVZ ingenieurs, Yens & Yens
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij

'De verdwenen kamer Giny Vos'

Dorsoduro, Peter Zunneberg

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