Solar Treasure

Shell Headquarters, The Hague 2006

When the heavy, seven-metre safe door in the hall at Shell Headquarters opens with a click, a narrow beam of radiant light escapes through the chink. This is where the Sun’s energy is stored and guarded. A digital panel placed next to the door shows yield and consumption rates. When the amount of energy generated by the sun is higher than the amount consumed, the door opens. In the artwork a fictive twenty-four-hour day is condensed into twenty-four minutes. Depending on how much solar energy is generated, the door is open for 1 to 6 minutes during that time.

Dim. 7 x 3 m
Copper, LEDs, microcontroller


De Zonneschat
Ineke Hof / Het Parool, Interview nr. 101 / 2006

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