Seeing without Being Seen

Kromhout Barracks, Utrecht 2010

In the Kromhout barracks, images are projected on a 32-meter-long, suspended wall by means of 2624 LEDs. Inside, in the corridor, only a pattern of light and dark patches can be made out, but on the outside, from the Weg tot de Wetenschap, pixelated moving images can be seen, based on military observational instruments such as radars, infrared and night vision devices or searchlights. A flock of birds takes off from a camouflage pattern, trees in a forest change into zebra stripes en from an image of rustling leafs a military vehicle appears.

Dim. 2 walls of 16 x 3.5 m
164 aluminium tubes, 2624 white LEDs and computer

More Seeing Without Being Seen on vimeo

Link to NTR footage