White Noise

the handwriting of the universe

Alticomtoren, Amsterdam 2009

With a big bang, on December 2nd in 2009, the work White Noise for the telecommunications tower at the Zuidas (Amsterdam) was opened. Every night, high up in the tower a dynamic image appears, a twinkling universe where stars fall and planets light up, where meteorites swish by and small explosions take place. Every now and then, codes of letters and numbers pop up, as a sign of human communication.

Dim. 4 platforms Ø 50 x 20 m Galvanised steel, 1044 LEDs, computer

Amsterdamse Straatkunstprijs, AT5

Interview with Valentijn Byvanck, AVRO Kunstuur / 4Art, 2010


Grote kunst met kleine lampjes
Christine Baart / Trouw / 2010

Poëtische bescheidenheid op monumentaal formaat
Sandra Spijkerman / Kunstbeeld / 2010

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