Time and Time Again

Winschoter Dollard College Winschoten 1993

On top of the symmetric facade of Winschoter Dollard College two digital clocks have been installed, each to one end. Of the two digital clocks one indicates the time while the other displays that time in reverse. At the moment the two clocks display the same time, which happens eight times an hour, the mirror-clock temporarily switches to actual time and vice versa. On the top of the hour, programmed texts roll by from right to left, which deal with concepts of time and school. Some letters in those words are identical to the original and/or mirrored numbers. On the playground a trapezoid plate vertically reflects the numbers of one the clocks. On the terrain are eight cubical seats, one of which is installed directly opposite the trapezium. On the surface of the plate a scientific definition of time is engraved.

Dim. 1,5 x 2,75 x 0,004 m
Steel, LED displays, computer