The Window of Your Eyes

Provincial Government Building Drenthe, Assen 2012

The Window of Your Eyes consists of 200 tree trunks, erected amongst the trees and assembled in circles like a coven in the park surrounding the Provincial Government Building in Assen. The middle parts of the trunks making up the inner circles are replaced with glass tubes that emanate a soft, diffuse glow. The radiating tubes bring out a form suggestive of a large bowl that seems to reflect the colours of the sky- a whirlwind, a cloud, mist or witte wieven. The work relates to land art strategies of large scale landscape interventions, introduced by Robert Smithson in the 1970’s. Simultaniously, the the work refers to the Balloër Kuil, a pit in the landscape found in this very location, a historical place for (spiritual) gatherings.

Dim. 4 x 20 x 20 m
200 tree trunks, 81 glass tubes, 772 multicoloured LEDs, computer

Video of the opening event


The Window of Your Eyes
Monica Boekholt / Kunst in de openbare ruimte, CBK Drenthe (cat) / 2012