The White Cube

Nieuwezijds Armsteeg, Amsterdam 2012

An artwork for a residential complex in a busy, dark and neglected alley – a favourite spot for public urinating in the centre of Amsterdam. The title of the work, The White Cube, refers to the exhibition space in the form of a white cube, a pristine, pure white space in which silent contemplation and attention prevail. The White Cube creates a clear, clean, almost sacred place in the heart of the city, evoking a museum-like atmosphere. A suggestion of exhibition spaces is created in perspective lines painted in light and fitted into sheets of thin, corrugated aluminium. A drawing that incorporates existing windows, doors and letterboxes, giving the whole wall space the illusion of depth.

dim. 12 x 3.70 m
Aluminium, steel, toughened glass and LEDs


De week van The White Cube
Bob Witman / Volkskrant / 2012