Hogeschool Domstad, Utrecht 2003

A spatial screensaver: a “spacesaver”. Thin neon tubes fill up with the colours white, red, yellow, blue and green, just like the Microsoft screensaver. Their total length measures up to one kilometre. A three-dimensional drawing, it hangs almost entirely suspended. The screensaver is literally transposed from the computer to the canteen, the place where people take a break. The coloured lines run along the walls and the ceiling, and into the space. They fill up in varying speeds and rhythms, sometimes meet and pause in a certain composition for several minutes. The transportation of a stream of information: a network.

Dim. 13 x 8 x 19 m
Neon tubes with a 5.5 mm diameter, computer

More Spacesaver on vimeo


Licht en dynamiek als ruimtevullende metaforen
Nadine Bors / KM nr. 46 / 2008

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