12 Sculptures with Surveillance

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 1988

This project involves the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in its entirety. Across the floors and walls of its rooms enormous wooden sculptures have been erected. The monumental installation divides the museum into black and white sections. In the hall, twelve monitors, connected to surveillance cameras, are installed that compose the word WATCH. The letters appear to be two-dimensional. It is only on closer inspection that you start noticing the people moving about between the letters and you realise what you’ve been looking at.
I specifically chose Stedelijk Museum Schiedam to design this project for, because its architecture as well as its surveillance system matched the concept of the work. The opening performance was done by twelve attendants from various museums.

Dim. variable
Wood, twelve cameras, twelve monitors


Exhibition: ‘12 sculpturen met bewaking – een beeld voor de suppoost’
Photography: Annemiek Prins
Production: Rob Jongbloed, John Vos, Monika Zwart, Maaike Klumper, Ap Duynhouwer, Ida Lohman, Wilma van der Lee, Maico van Dijk, Rolph Lohman, Ank Verrips, Jan van Dorp, Ed Jongbloed, René Pater, Rolph Marks
Special thanks to: Houthandel Jongeneel; Philips Nederland; Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam; Montevideo Amsterdam
Support: Province of South Holland
Video collection: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam


Als een kunstenaar het kijkveld een beetje kan verbreden
Jetteke Bolten Rempt / AVIS / 1990