Travelling Sand

Railway Station Square, Apeldoorn 2008

In front of Apeldoorn Railway Station, sands drift across a large glass wall. Stirred up by a gentle breeze, whirled around in surging storms or lulled to rest in moments of calm- programmed LEDs control the shifting patterns, causing minimal, sometimes tempestuous changes in the landscape. Also on a larger scale the landscape shifts, as the hills roam unhindered. Sometimes the sand heaps up to one side as if in the hollow of a dune, an impression reflected by the basin-shaped square.

Dim. 100 x 4 m
Etched glass, 1.3 million LEDs and control system

More Travelling Sand on vimeo

De Stentor interview, 2008 (Dutch only)

AVRO Kunstuur, 2009 (Dutch only)


Client: City of Apeldoorn
Landscape Architect: Lodewijk Baljon
Advisor/curator: Jan van IJzendoorn
Production: Rena Electronica, DGMR, Hendriks Geveltechniek, Henk Wijnen
Animation: Bram Verhavert
Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij
Video registration: Bart Jan Hooft
Support: Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam


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Daria Ricchi / Materia / 2008

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Sandra Smets / NRC Handelsblad / 2008

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Travelling Sand
Elizabeth Lynch / Sculpture / 2008