Possibility Plant

Education executive agency & Tax office, Groningen 2014

In the open square by the entrance to the building is a large black steel box with a pattern of wavy lines carved into it. Through the gaps a system made up of tubes and cylinders, steps and little bridges is revealed. The box leads down into the car park. Walking underneath it, you can look up into the box- an “information refinery” that doesn’t give up its secrets easily. From there, you can see that the tubes and cylinders seem to drip light onto the car park floor. Outside, through the slits in the black box, you can catch a glimpse of the processes taking place inside. In the evening, a strange light emanates from the black box on the square, suggesting the workings of a large brain.

Dim. 4.30 x 4.30 x 4.30m
steel, aluminium, LEDs, micro processor

More Possibility Plant on vimeo