Miracle in between

Ramlila Ground, New Dehli 2008

Miracle in Between was a temporary work on Ramlila Ground, a large open field between Old Delhi and New Delhi. Five hundred bamboo poles of various lengths were planted in a grid in the ground. On top of some of them light bulbs were attached. When lit, those dots formed a three-dimensional drawing of a boat. The light intensity of the lamps varied slightly, and made the boat look like it was rocking adrift. The work was part of the 48⁰C.public.art.ecology festival, with a.o. Subodh Gupta and Tomas Saraceno.

Dim. 21.5 x 19 x 5 m 500 bamboo poles, 180 light bulbs, DMX-mixer


Client: De gemeente Leeuwarden

Production: De Mannen van staal, Yens en Yens, Bastiaan Gribling, Klaas Andriega

Constructor: Bussel Engineering

3D visualisation en animation: Bram Verhavert

Renovation Allee: aannemersbedrijf Doornbos bv, Meesterschilders Friesland B.V, Buitink schilders, Architectenbureau Walon

Art advisor: Ankie Boomstra

Photography: Ilya Rabinovich, Evamarije Smit