Call - The Painted Chat

Westpoortbeheer, Amsterdam 2006

6.500 white LEDs have been fitted to the profiled cladding along the entire length of the facade of the Urban District Council building. Switching off a number of these LEDs creates voids that form words. These words are constantly changing and in turn form series of words that have an associative relationship with the surrounding area and with what goes on inside the building. The words appear in a rhythmic sequence, a new one every twenty seconds: MISTROOST - MOERSTAAF - MODEMOER – LAMOER. The work is also visible from the trunk road and from passing trains.

Dim. 76 x 6,5 m
White LEDs, computer

More Call - The Painted Chat on vimeo

Interviewed by Valentijn Byvanck, AVRO Kunstuur / 4Art, 6 March 2010 (In Dutch only)


Dagdroom in Niemandsland
Sandra Smets / NRC Handelsblad / 2006

Lichtpuntjes breken de blokkendoos open
Joost Zonneveld / Het Parool / 2006

Stem van de mensenstad
Dirk van Weelden / 2006

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