Le Poème Electronique 2

Breitnertoren hoofdkantoor Philips, Amsterdam 2002

In the lobby of the Breitner Tower, the newly-built Philips Headquarters in Amsterdam, a large mirror wall is installed. In the mirror, words light up which refer to what goes on inside the building - meetings, schedules, exchange rates and the daily menu from the canteen – or are otherwise derived from poetry and art texts. The words, their rhythm and the way they appear form an associative narrative full of images. When the words are turned off, the work presents itself as a plain mirror wall, reminiscent of the one in the Palace of Versailles.

Dim. 10,5 x 3,6 m
Mirrors, LEDs and computer

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Over de rol van techniek in het werk van Giny Vos
Jorinde Seijdel / Tikto / 2004

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