Crystal Palace

Elicium RAI, Amsterdam 2009

The work Crystal Palace is located at the entrance to the Elicium by Benthem Crouwel Architects – the new building for the Amsterdam RAI exhibition and conference centre. Recognisable spatial objects appear in a cube consisting of thin aluminium tubes and white LEDs. A ceaseless stream passes by – a chair, a vase, a house, a ball – all showing off their seductive allure in a glittering display. Icons of our modern age, they float magically and weightlessly through space. They revolve on their axes, collide with one another, lose their shape, implode or disintegrate.

Dim. 8 x 5 x 5 meter, 256 aluminium tubes, 4096 light dots, each made up of 6 white LEDs, computer

Interview with Valentijn Byvanck, AVRO Kunstuur / 4Art, 2010


Elizabeth Lynch / Sculpture / 2010

Van felle lichtbol tot dromerig wolkje
Joost Zonneveld / Het Parool / 2011

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