Körper in Körper

SportPlaza Mercator, Amsterdam 2006

A moving light stain traces the walls and ceiling of a swimming pool like a flash light. Sometimes the light pauses, trembling slightly, zooms in, then out, speeds up or slows down, disappearing to reappear elsewhere. Simultaneously, three-dimensional projections of bridges, sci-fi constructions and other kinds of silhouettes emerge all around the pool. Images of our contemporary mythology light up to sooner or later fade out.

Dim. 6 x 25 m2
Fibers, wood, white LEDs, computer


Client: Stadsdeel De Baarsjes, Amsterdam; Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Architect: Ton Venhoeven (Venhoeven CS)
Advisor/curator: Jacqueline Verhaagen
Production: Rena Electronica, Henk Wijnen, Bart-Jan Hooft, Gustaaf Vos Tijmen Hauer, Gerbrand Burger, Mireilla Misi, Janis Pönisch
Photography: René Gerritsen
Video registration: Bart Jan Hooft
Special thanks to: Derk Koster
Support: Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam


De helicopter van James Bond in lichtbeelden
Kees Keijer / Het Parool / 2007