Killroy Was Here

Zuiderbad Amsterdam 1995

In seven of the seventeen cabins surrounding the swimming pool mirrors are installed. Each mirror contains a digital display which horizontally, vertically or diagonally shows text phrases (digital graffiti). Sometimes it’s a long line from a poem, sometimes a single word, flickering. Without text the mirrors are ordinary mirrors. Each cabin has its own atmosphere and its own texts. A totality of 60 phrases were programmed, among which are (translated from the Dutch): “hugs”, “poetry is to make the invisible visible”, “beauty”, “hello”, “kisses”, “definitely yes”, “definitely not”, “elvis is alive”, “stress”, “lots of sex is bad for your eyes”.

Dim. 27 x 19,5 x 3,5
Seven mirrors, LED displays


Commissioner: Bert van der Lingen, Nederlandse ambassadeur in Litouwen, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Den Haag
Production: Yens & Yens en CM3 custom-made
Construction: Bussel Engineering
Photography: Andries de Marez Oyens