Here is Looking at You

City SPace Culturele Hoofdstad Kopenhagen 1996

The station: a place typical for hellos and goodbyes. On a platform two rows of red columns are installed, each column bearing one of the letters from the words LOST and FOUND. Under each letter short videos of minor tragedies filmed at the station are played. Like voyeurs, people can watch those scenes with a telescope, with film music playing, sung by amateur singers.

9 kiosks of Ø 1 x 2 m each
Steel, wood, 9 monitors, 9 telescopes


Commissioner: Bert van der Lingen, Nederlandse ambassadeur in Litouwen, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Den Haag
Production: Yens & Yens en CM3 custom-made
Construction: Bussel Engineering
Photography: Andries de Marez Oyens