Giovanni Arnolfini and His Young Wife

ZWN Lerarenopleiding Delft 1984 / Berlin Art Week Berlin 2014/The Time is Right For... Summerhall, Edinburgh 2017

Van Eyck portrayed himself as a witness to the wedding of Giovanni Arnolfini and his young wife in the mirror in this painting. Here, the painted mirror is replaced with a monitor, which is connected to a hidden camera. The spectators see themselves in the mirror and are witnesses, like they can be witnesses to basically anything in the age of media.

Dim. 100 X 135 x 2 cm
Monitor, camera, print on canvas


Commissioner: Bert van der Lingen, Nederlandse ambassadeur in Litouwen, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Den Haag
Production: Yens & Yens en CM3 custom-made
Construction: Bussel Engineering
Photography: Andries de Marez Oyens