Head Room

Algemeen Rijksarchief, Den Haag 1994

The theme of Head Room –storage and data processing- was inspired by the place where the work was first shown: a basement. The installation consists of five identical filing cabinets on metal rails. Between the third and the fourth cabinet a small passage has been left open, through which one can glimpse inside: 120 filing boxes, each supplied with a small screen which displays red digital letters with short intervals. At any given moment, eight of the screens make letter combinations forming words: associations based on various functions of the brain. A sound installation producing the reverberation of a working brain reinforces the suggestion of communicating hemispheres in the human cerebrum.

Dim. 180 x 180 x 400 cm
Wood, cardboard, aluminium, LED displays


Commissioner: Bert van der Lingen, Nederlandse ambassadeur in Litouwen, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, Den Haag
Production: Yens & Yens en CM3 custom-made
Construction: Bussel Engineering
Photography: Andries de Marez Oyens